e-texts...I'm stumped!

Why would anyone want to print out an e-text?

There are lots of good reasons for e-texts such as Immediate access, no heavy book to lug around, search function, and even copy and paste. But print out the whole thing? Doesn't make sense to me. Why use up paper and toner/ink? It's end up costing more than the print version.

This is particularly confusing when the class is on-line and the prices are reasonable. Someone who wanted both the pdf for immediate access, etc., and the print for whatever reason could buy both for less than most textbooks cost.


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Who Reads Where?

The often invoked "They" seems to be mourning the death of reading again. The method hasn't changed much. Somebody does a survey of how many hours are spent reading as opposed to other activities. Recently it looks like time spent on the Internet is higher than time spent reading. Huh?

What do these people think we are doing on the Internet? Granted there are a lot of photo sites and places to listen to or download music but how do we get there? Reading, that's how. We read and write emails. We read blogs. We read web pages. We look at text on a screen most of the time. It may be fancied up with colors and links and formatting but it is still text, still words. Even people using screen readers are reading. We don't say it isn't reading if someone needs a talking book because some physical barrier makes it difficult to read otherwise. So why don't we recognize the Internet as something that increases the time spent reading?

First entry

When I pick up a book my interest is in what is in the book, not in what format it is presented. I have lots of printed on paper books. Space to store them so they are accessible is a problem. ebooks help with the storage and access problem. All my compact flash cards fit in a holder smaller than a single paperback book.
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